REC offers services directly to project proponents and municipalities, or as a sub-contractor to engineering, survey, architectural and legal services firms. Projects are located throughout Massachusetts. Services provided include:

Wetland Management

Wetland Impact Assessments
Wetland Delineation
Wetland Replication Design
Resource Enhancement
Invasive Species Management

Wildlife Resources

Wildlife Habitat Evaluation
Wildlife Mitigation Design
Wildlife Enhancement Plans
Vernal Pool Certification

Environmental Permitting

Notice of Intents
Chapter 91 Licenses
401 Water Quality Certificates
Army Corps Section 404 Permits
MEPA Environmental Notification Forms and Environmental Impact Reports

Water Quality

Watershed Management Planning
Lake and Pond Restoration
Best Management Practices

Land Use Planning

Open Space Plans
Land Management Plans
GPS mapping

Construction Monitoring

Evaluate construction for compliance with permit specifications
Design and monitor erosion and sedimentation control measures
Provide post-construction monitoring and reporting